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A A M I Consulting is one of the most trusted and respected human resource solution across the globe .we work with our clients to develop and implement simple practical and powerful HR solution that produce superior business result .

We works with successful organisations around the world to ensure that our clients have talented executives in the right place at the right time; and where complex and difficult decisions are required involving organisational change, we are there with you, helping you to deliver your business agenda.

We provide technical expertise across all aspects of human resource management and development .We have extensive experience in successfully executing HR consulting projects throughout the UAE and other countries like Saudi Arabia, Poland ,Oman and Japan.

Our vision is to change the way people perceive traditional HR systems .we are committed to add value and to contribute more profitable business for our clients and other service by continuously improving our performance.

Our Model


We offer practical, no nonsense, commercial advice to help you get the best out of your people and help you to grow your business.

Our approach has been to go to the market to attract the best people to deliver each service we offer so are experts in each field. By offering all HR services under one roof this has helped to ensure that everything we do is market leading.

A A M I consulting is to help our clients go through compliance ,process and people .we assist companies in successfully navigating the complex maze of HR while ensuring our clients goals are met by implementing a customised HR framework that includes team and engagement and risk management.

A partnership with A A M I allows your organization to:

• Run Smoothly and Efficiently – Whether your company needs help in one or multiple HR-related areas, we have the expertise and capabilities to act as your one-stop shop for administrative business services.
• Concentrate on Growth – The most valuable part of our vast suite of HR services is that, simply put, they allow you to be you. This means that you’re free to run and grow your business, while we ensure seamless compliance and organization behind the HR scenes.
• Maximize Time and Money – Our experts are fully equipped to successfully and correctly execute all HR-related duties, preventing your staff from wasting time and financial resources on guess-work and improper resolution.
• Stay Protected – It can be challenging to stay current with each new HR regulation. Luckily for your organization, we work to stay up-to-date with these continually changing requirements. Enjoy the peace-of-mind of hassle-free HR operations while maintaining full control of your workforce.
• Maintain Employee Satisfaction – We are fully prepared to step in and handle employee concerns, and we provide your staff with reliable and invested counsel concerning their HR-
related needs.Extensive regional experience in local practices and legal laws.

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